Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan 2019

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan
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Whenever I think about my home, the first name comes into my mind is Pakistan. I don’t care about the opinions of others about Pakistan because I know what the others don’t. I am not denying the fact and issues, Pakistan had faced in the last few years but now the situation is not like that. However, I am not discussing those planted issues to defame Pakistan in the world. But I will tell you about the Most Beautiful and Best Places to visit in Pakistan.

Today, I am going to give you the reason to visit Pakistan and feel Beauty and Peace here. I will tell you how Pakistan is one of the most Beautiful Countries on the planet Earth.


God has gifted Pakistan with beautiful Landscapes, High Ranges of Mountains, amazing Forests, wonderful Lakes & Rivers, beautiful Sea, and heart taking Deserts.

Pakistan is located in Asia and has 2240 km border with India in the east, 595 km with China in the northeast, 2430 km with Afghanistan in the northwest and 909 km with Iran in the west.  It has also a 700 km of coastline with the Arabian Sea.


God has gifted Pakistan with all seasons which you will see rarely in many other countries. All seasons have their own activities. You can enjoy winter and snow from December till March in Mountains and Hill Stations.

If you want to see the natural beauty of Pakistan then plan your summer trip from April till September. You can enjoy the spring season and different festival of spring in the months of February and March.

Rainy Season/monsoon starts in July and August and all lakes and rivers flow in full stream.

Travel and Tourism

Pakistan has hundreds and thousands of tourist spots. Pakistan has Beautiful Landscapes and Vallies for Nature lovers and big mountains and wide deserts for the adventurer. It has beautiful lakes, rivers, and the sea for fishing and boating lovers. Forts, Mosques, Temples, Palaces and hundreds of other historical places for Architectural and Archaeologist.

Visa Requirements

Like every other country, a visa is also a compulsory requirement for nonresident and foreigners. if you are planning to visit Pakistan on a Tourist visa, you must need a passport with validity of about 6 months.

Recently the MOI Pakistan introduced Tourist e-visa facility for more than 175 countries. With this online visa service, you can easily get the tourist visa for 30 days in 10 days.

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan has thousands of places to visit, which are attractive for tourist and cover all in one article it is impossible however books were written and could be written more on these places.

Pakistan is a big country and it is further divided into some Administrative Division. All of these Divisions are full of Tourist Places. I am sharing here some most famous Tourist Points of all Provinces and Administrative Divisions of Pakistan.

I am going to share with you the small introduction of different places to cover as many places as possible. Even if I write a big essay on a single spot, my words cannot describe the real beauty which can be felt in physical presence.

Let’s start from Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan.

Best Places to Visit in Islamabad

Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan and one of the best well-planned city. It is situated between Rawalpindi District and Margalla Hills. There are numerous worth seeing tourist spots in Islamabad however I am sharing here some of those.

1. The Pakistan Monument

It is located in Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad. It is a masterpiece of art and architecture of petals shaped panels standing with each other. There are four big panels which are representing the culture of Provinces, for example, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,

In addition to above, there are some small petals are representing the Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and Trible areas. This monument is the symbol of unity of Pakistan and a heritage museum.

Pakistan Monument - Best Places to visit in Pakistan.
Pakistan Monument Islamabad

2. Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque of Pakistan and named on Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz who was the King of Saudi Arabia. It is the iconic masterpiece of modern architecture.

It is shaped as a dessert tent with four big pillars. This mosque is such a big that thousands of Muslims can pray here same time. It is situated on the foundation of Margalla hill. There is one University, Café, Restaurants, and Library in this mosque.

Faisal Mosque - Best Places to visit in Pakistan.
Image by By Abdul Baqi

3. Rawal Lake

Before you go for hiking on Margalla Hills, I will suggest that go and see the beautiful Rawal Lake. It is a good visitor point. It has a big dam and you can enjoy water sports here. If you are a lover of fishing and boating then this will be the best place during your visit to beautiful places in Islamabad.

Rawal Lake - v
Image Source: Wikipedia

4. Margalla hills and Daman-e-Koh

Margalla Hills is the part of Himalaya Range. It is also one of the best spots for nature lovers. In addition, it is the best place for Hikers and Adventurer. You will see man beautiful views and restaurants here.

Going up on the Margalla Hills, you will find a beautiful point from where you can see the panoramic view of Islamabad. This is a worth seeing view. This amazing spot is known as Daman-e-Koh.

Above mention, spots have many naughty monkeys. Please beware of them because they could steal your food or other valuables.

Margalla Hills
Image by: Wikipedia
Daman -e- Koh Islamabad
Image By Fraz Khalid

5. Monal Restaurant

Now, I am feeling hungry and I cannot go back to the hotel from Margalla Hills. If you feel like this, then don’t worry because we have one last spot left which will fulfill your hunger with the most beautiful view. This place is called Monal Restaurant. Here you can eat the best Pakistani and continental dishes. Monal is one of the bests tourist hotels in Pakistan.

Monal Restaurant
Image Source: Monal Restaurant

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Best Places to Visit in Islamabad. Still, I missed many worth seeing spots because it is impossible for me to describe here. However, I will write the name of the places that you must visit. These are LokVirsa Museum, Saidpur Village, Centaurus Mall, Islamabad Club, Jinnah Supermarket, Sunday Bazar and if you have time please visit those because these are very near to each other.

Best Places to Visit in Punjab, Pakistan

Punjab is the biggest Province of Pakistan according to population. It has a great history and many historical places. Lahore is the Capital of Punjab and also the 2nd biggest city of Pakistan. Because of the historical background, Lahore and Punjab are full of Forts, Mosques, Palaces, etc. If you are interested in History and Mughal Architectural then Punjab is the best place for you.

As mentioned above, Lahore is the capital of Punjab, let’s start with Lahore because it also remained the capital of Mughal Emperors and because of this reason you will see much historical building built by Mughal Emperors.

1. Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque

Mughal emperors rules on the subcontinent for about 400 years. In this time, they built a lot for Forts, Mosques, and Palaces. For example, Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosques. Both are adjacent with each other and was built in the 17th century by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is one of the biggest forts in the worlds. Badshahi Mosques is also one of the beautiful pieces of Mughal Art.

Lahore Fort - Best Places to visit in Pakistan.
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Lime.adeel
Badshahi Mosque
Badshahi Masjid Lahore

2. Wazir Khan Mosque

It is also one of the masterpieces of Mughal Emperors. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan builted this and named it to the chief physician to the Mughal Court Wazir Khan. It is situated in Lahore.

Wazir Khan Mosque
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Muhammad Ashar

3. Shalimar Garden

Lahore is also known as City of Gardens because of the interest of Mughal Rulers in Gardens. They like to build big Gardens in their forts and Palaces. This garden was also built in seventeenth-century by Shah Jahan.

Shalimar Garden
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Muhammad Ashar

4. Minar-e-Pakistan

This is a tower with a star-shaped base was built in 1968 in Lahore near to the Lahore Fort. It was built in the same place where the resolution of Pakistan was presented on 23-March-1940. This tower was built in the memory of that memorable day.

Minar e Pakistan

5. Noor Mahal

This is a palace built by Nawab of Bahawalpur in the memory of his wife. Bahawalpur was the richest state of the subcontinent and it played a very responsible role in developing newborn Pakistan. It is said that most of the valuable thing from this palace was stolen however now it is declared as a national monument and Pakistan Army is looking after it.

Noor Mahal - Bahawalpur
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Usamashahid433

6. Derawar Fort

It is one of the biggest forts in Pakistan. It’s unique designed. It is located in Cholistan desert about 100 km from Bahawalpur city. The Cholistan is also an attractive place for tourist due to this fort and culture here. Cholistan car rally is also very famous in the world/ fort It is situated

Darawar Fort Choolistan
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Fassifarooq

7. Rohtas Fort

This beautiful fort reminds us of the great Muslim king Sher Shah Suri. It is located in the Jhelum city and it was built in 1548. Sher Shah Suri built this to suppress Mughal Emperors helping tribes.

Rohtas Fort - Best Places to visit in Pakistan.
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Meemjee

Dear Tourists and readers, these above all mentioned places are among the few of the best place to visit in Punjab. There still many places like Jahangir Tomb, Haran Minar, Anarkali, Old Campus of Punjab University, Government College Lahore, Many Tombs in Multan and surrounding, Khewra Salt mine, etc. Soon I will share another article with more places to visit in Punjab.

Best Places to Visit in Sindh Pakistan

Sindh is the 2nd most populated province of Pakistan. Its civilization is one of the oldest civilization on earth. Sindh is full of beautiful natural, historical and modern places which are attractive for tourist around the world. I am writing about a few places from natural, historical and modern. Its freshwater reserves are amazing so I am starting from the freshwater lakes in Sindh, Pakistan.

1. Manchar Lake

Manchar Lake is one of the biggest Freshwater Lake of Asia and the biggest in Pakistan is located in Dadu and Jamshoro districts of Sindh beside the Indus River. It is a most visited tourist point in Sindh where you can enjoy the fishing and boating.

Manchar Lake
Image Source Mehlab Jameel

2. Keenjhar Lake

Kheenjhar Lake or Kalri Lake Is also located in Sindh in Thatha district. It is also one of the biggest freshwater lakes in Asia and second-biggest in Pakistan, It is a very beautiful tourist point. Most of the people from all over the Sindh visit it daily with friends and family and enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating.

Keenjhar Lake Sindh
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Furqan and Imran

Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Furqan and Imran

3. Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro is located in Larkana in the west of Indus River. Indus valley civilization is one of the world ancient civilization. Mohnejo Daro is the site in Sindh which shows you the lifestyle of ancient Indus valley. It is said that it was built in 2500 BC. If you like the history and historical places, this place is amazing and will take you back thousands of years back.

Mohenjo Daro -Places to Visit in Pakistan
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Saqib Qayyum

4. Ranikot Fort

Ranikot Fort is an amazing historical place near Jamshoro Sindh and was built in the seventeenth century and it is the worlds biggest fort which spread over 32 km. It is also called as the “Great Wall of Sindh’, the purpose of this fort is still a mystery and no one knows the exact purpose of making it. It should also be in the wonder of the world.

Ranikot Fort - Places to Visit in Pakistan
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Adrian Leslie Lobo

5. Faiz Mahal

IT is located in district Khairpur of Sindh and was built in 1798 by Mir Sohrab Khan the Talpur Monarch. 1955 the state was merged with Pakistan and this beautiful palace complex the home of the last, “symbolic” Talpur rulers.

Faiz Mahal Sindh - Places to Visit in Pakistan
Image source: Wikipedia Taken By Arsalanrkazi

I hope the above-mentioned places will be attractive to you. Again I am sorry that I did not mention more places and again the answer is this article will become a book and you might feel boring. I will share with you some other article on the Best places to visit on Sindh Pakistan.

Best Places to Visit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is the third biggest province of Pakistan in Population and the smallest in area. It is full of beautiful natural views. It has many beautiful hill station and lakes. If you are a lover of Nature, then KPK is the best for you.

1. Naran 

Naran is a small town in district Mansehra of KPK. It is located about 70 km from Babusar Top and 120 km from Mansehra. It is one of the most popular and most visited tourist places in Pakistan. People from all over Pakistan and different countries list it on the top.

Naran - Best Places to visit in Pakistan.
By Ghulam Murtaza

2. Kaghan

Kaghan valley is also one of the most beautiful places of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). It is located in district Mansehra of KPK, Pakistan. It a very famous tourist spot with beautiful forest, landscapes, and views. If you are going to visit Naran, then you will surely visit the Kaghan and Shogran. Saif ul Malok Lake an iconic place and you will surely like the stories about Saif ul Malok.

3. Shogran

Shogran is a hill station located in the Kaghan Valley of District Mansehra of KPK. It is 34 km away from Balakot. It is also a must going place for tourist during the tour of KPK.

Shogran - KPK - Places to Visit in Pakistan
Image By Almazi

4. Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is a  hill station in district Abbottabad of KPK. It is located in the middle of the Galyat range about 32 km from Abbottabad and Murree. This place is equally famous and accessible for both KPK and Punjab resident. It also has some historical places as well. You must add this place to your to-do list.

Nathia Gali  - KPK - Places to Visit in Pakistan
Image By Khalid Mahmood

5. Swat 

Swat is famous due to its natural beauty. It has many eye-catching and amazing spots. A few years back, Swat faced some terrible issues due to military operation against terrorism. However, now everything is restored opened for tourism.

Swat Vally - Places to Visit in Pakistan
Image By Designer429

6. Takht-i-Bahi

It is a famous historical place located in district Mardan of KPK. This place used to be a very important place for Buddhist followers in the Gandhara civilization. This place will be good to visit a spot for tourists and Archaeologist.

Takht-i-Bahi - Places to Visit in Pakistan
Image By Asif Nawaz

I hope this list will be helpful for you to choose the best places to visit in KPK, Pakistan. I will be back with a new article about 20+ tourist places in KPK.


These are some of the Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan in the year 2019. These are the shortlisted places and it is not possible for anyone to cover all places in one article. I will be back soon with more Travel places in Pakistan. Please don’t to forget to give us your feedback in the comments section below or our social media channels.

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