Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Chairman PTI Imran Khan announced during his election campaign that he will build 5 million houses for low income families who cannot afford to purchase or build their houses in limited income. This will create millions of jobs and business opportunities in more than 40 industries related to real estate sector.  He named the Project as “Naya Pakistan Housing Program”.

PTI won the election in 2018 and Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the first time. This was the time for him to convert his promise to reality. He announced that he is going to start the biggest Housing Program in the history of Pakistan. This program was named as “Naya Pakistan Housing Program”.

Naya Pakistan Housing Program Authority 

Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority
Image Source NPHP Website

Prime Minister of Pakistan established the “Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority”. The purpose of this authority work with different government and private sectors to map how Government can achieve this target.

Phase 1 was started in 7 districts of Pakistan which are Islamabad, Sakhar, Quetta, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Sawat and Faisalabad. Where more than 500,000 people made registrations.

Recently Prime Minister of Pakistan announced the second Phase of Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Best thing in this phase is that now you can apply online. Yes, the overseas Pakistan can avail this opportunity now. Registration Process has started since 15-July-2019 and will continue for the next three months. Registration Fee for Naya Pakistan Housing Program only Rs 250.

There are some questions came to my mind when I read the news. So I did some research and found the answer to those questions. So I decided to share with you because the same question are going to click your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

Naya Pakistan Housing Program FAQ

Question # 1

Who can apply? What is the eligibility criteria to apply for this program?


 Every citizen of Pakistan holding a valid CNIC or NICOP is eligible for Registration if he/she, spouse or dependents has no land/plot on their names. If you or your dependents have no property in Pakistan, then go ahead and avail this opportunity ASAP.

Please remember that only one person from family can apply. For example, if you applied for registration then you cannot submit application of your wife, son or other family member.

Also don’t try to be smart because this portal is connected with Nadra Database and might be with computerized land record and any effort to become smart can lead to disqualification and criminal charge.

Question # 2

How to Apply for Registration?


The best thing in Phase 2 of this program is that the NPHP Authority has launched an official website, where you can apply online. It has two options to apply for registration in this program.

1. Apply Online. Here you can apply by yourself if you know how to use a computer. If you know then go ahead, visit the website and start your registration.

2. E-Sahulat Franchise is the second option for Registration. If you don’t know how to apply by yourself, this option is for you. Click Here and find the location of your nearest E-Sahulat Franchise. They will do all steps for you.

Question # 3

How and where to Pay Registration Fee?


Like the Registration, you also have different options for fee payment. I am sharing the options below;

1. Pay by credit/debit card. If you are using a Credit/Debit Card then use it and pay the fee. (Recommended for Overseas Pakistani)

2. Mostly people of Pakistani Don’t have Credit/Debit Cards or they don’t use it for online payments.  Don’t worry. Visit one of the following nearest franchises.

  1. E-Sahulat
  2. Easy Paisa (You can also pay from EasyPaisa Account or Mobile App)
  3. Jazz Cash

Don’t know the location? Don’t worry Click Here to find the nearest location of above-mentioned Franchises. 

Once you paid the fee, collect the receipt and keep it safe with you.

Apply Online in Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Now, my dear readers, I am going to show you an online application procedure step by step with screenshots. I believe you will find this helpful.

Step 1

Go to the official website of Naya Pakistan Housing Program.

Step 2

Once you will open the website, you will see two options here.

1. Register online

2. Register at E-Sahulat

Here I am showing you the online Registration process so Click on your left button as shown in the below image.

Step 1 Apply Online in Naya Pakistan Housing Program
Step 3

Now you will see a popup screen with the terms and conditions. These are available in both Urdu and English. Read it carefully, click on the checkbox in the lower-left corner and then click on the Proceed button in the lower right corner as shown in below screenshot.

Step 3 Apply Online in Naya Pakistan Housing ProgramApply at E-Sahulat for Naya Pakistan Housing Program
Step 4

Now take out your CNIC/NICOP from your pocket. Here you must enter 13 digits valid CNIC/NICOP number and enter the Captcha image in the box below.

Step 5

Now you will be asked for payment method. You will see two methods.

1. Pay using your credit card or debit card. (Recommended for Overseas)

2. Pay by going to neared E-Sahulat, Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash Franchise. If you don’t have Credit/Debit Card or you don’t want to use it, then click on the second option. It will take you to another page and you can find neared franchise for the payment.

Here I am going to use Credit/Debit Card option so I will click on the first option. A popup page with “Payment Term and Conditions” will open. Read it carefully and click on the checkbox and then proceed to payment.

After this a new page as shown in the screenshot below. Insert your card information and billing information (Name, Country, Address, etc.). After the completion with all the required information for the payment then click on “Confirm and Pay”

Your payment is completed now. You can download the payment receipt and then click on “Continue” for the Final Step

Step 4-5 Apply Online in Naya Pakistan Housing Program
Last Step

You will see a complete registration form. Fill the following information in their required fields.

Personal Information

1. Name as per CNIC

2. Mobile Number

3. Profession

4. Current Residence (Joint, Rental, Kachi Abadai, other)

5. Family Gross Income (select from the list from Less than 20,000 to above 100,000)

Your Requirements

6. Installment Plan Select how much you can pay monthly (from 5000 to 20,000)

7. Expected number of resident

8. Number of the expected bedroom from 1 to 4

9. Next, you have to mark if you already applied for any other government housing program (Yes or No)

10. If Yes, were you allocated a house under this scheme?  (Yes or No)

11. Do you already own land for the purpose of building the house? (Yes or No). the purpose of this field is according to my information is, Government will finance you to build your house in easy installment plan instead of giving you house.

Please ensure to click on Yes if you or your dependent own plot because if you will hide this, it could be considered as a criminal act. So be honest and proud Pakistani.

12. After this please select your desire City and Tehsil from the drop-down lists. 


Now only one line is left which is undertaking.

“I Solemnly affirm that there is no concealment or misrepresentation of facts stated hereinabove.”

Click on the checkbox and your application is ready for submission.

Review carefully that you have entered the correct information. Then click on “Submit Application” After that, you will see another window to review your information. Read it again carefully. Once you are satisfied with the information you can click on “Proceed”

Last Step Apply Online in Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Congratulations! You are successfully registered in Naya Pakistan Housing Program.

Your application is submitted. Now you cannot use your CNIC number to submit any other application or even cannot edit it. So make sure you know your requirements. 

You will see registration Receipt with your Form number and payment number under your CNIC. See below sample.

In case you lost the receipt. Don’t worry and Click Here to get another copy.

Apply at E-Sahulat for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Those who don’t know how to apply online. Follow the below Steps

Step 1

Click Here to find your nearest E-Sahulat Franchise.

If you want to save your time. Download the form from here, Fill it carefully. Please note that this form can be used only on E-Sahulat Franchises.

Step 2

Click on the Green button at lower right to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 Apply at E-Sahulat for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Step 3

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully. Click on the checkbox for acknowledgment and then click on the Proceed button for the next step.

Step 3 Apply Online in Naya Pakistan Housing ProgramApply at E-Sahulat for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Step 4

E-Sahulat Franchisee will complete all the next steps. Just Pay him the registration fee and provide him your CNIC and other required information.

ES Step 4 Apply at E-Sahulat for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Step 5

Don’t forget to get your receipt from the Franchisee.

Your Registration is completed now.

You can download your registration Receipt by clicking Here.

If you still have any questions or queries, please visit the official website of Naya Pakistan Housing Program or Click Here to contact them.

Thank you for reading the article. Please share it with your friends, family relative who really need their own houses. Avail this golden opportunity.


Official Website of Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority.