Online Shopping Websites in the World

Online Shopping Websites in the World

5 Best Online Shopping Websites in the World

The trend of online shopping is growing very fast today. All big stores and opening their online stores to keep their customers. Today thousands of online shopping websites are available around the world. it could be difficult to find the best online shopping website because every region has its own favorite websites. So I decided to share with your my favorite 5 Best Online Shopping Websites in the World based on the number of visitors per month.

Once upon a time when people love to go to markets for shopping. They used to visit different shops for their needs. Then things changed and now life became very busy. Everyone is so busy in their work that they cannot spend a full day in the search of any particular item. Online Shopping Websites solved their problem and provide millions of products at the distance of a single click.

The websites I am going to share with you are the Best Online Shopping Websites in the World. Which covers 80% of the visitors of the world. I am sure you will get 99% of your desired products from these websites. 

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1- is the biggest eCommerce website on the earth the same as Amazon Forest. It is an American company, holding more than 50% market share of the e-commerce/ online shopping industry. If we add its subsidiaries this number will be more. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos who later become the richest person in the world. You can find groceries, mobiles, electronics, household, furniture, and everything available in markets and hyper stores near to you. 

Ranking and Monthly Visitors

Amazon stands at # 1 in the e-commerce industry and overall at  # 14. Amazon has 2.5 billion visitors per month which is mind-blowing. The nearest competitor is which is getting 955 million visitors per month which is also an amazing number but if we compare it with Amazon, this number is not even 50% of Amazon.

Amazon is now operating in about 20 countries of the world including UAE and Saudi Arabia. Supported by multiple languages including Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese and English.

Earn with Amazon

There are various ways to earn with If you have a business and products, you can join Amazon as Seller. In this way, you can sell your products worldwide

The second way is Affiliate Marketing. If you know digital marketing or running your blog or website, you can join Amazon Affiliate Program and can earn up to 10% commission on sales directed by your website. 


The website in the e-commerce industry stands on number 2 is It is also an Americal e-commerce company, founded by  Pierre Omidyar in 1995. Like Amazon, eBay is also operating its regional websites in more than 30countries in their own local language. Like Amazon, you can buy the best mobiles, electronics, gadgets, groceries, and everything you want. 

Ranking and Monthly Visitors is holding rank # 2 in the e-commerce industry while overall it is at # 26. eBay has more than 955 million visitors per month which is an amazing number. These stats are for eBay global website and if we add the stats of its regional websites the number will be outstanding.

Earn with

You can become part of one of the biggest online store in the world. Yes! you can sell your products worldwide from this platform. Otherwise, you can also work as an Affiliate and can get handsome commissions by promoting the products of

3- best online shopping website is a Chinese E-commerce website owned by Alibaba Group. Jack Ma is the owner of Alibaba Group and one of the Richest People in the world. It was founded in 2010. Alibaba Group became the source to introduce products of small businesses of China to the International market.

Ranking and Monthly Visitors

Aliexpress is on #3 in the ranking of e-commerce websites and at #30 in the overall ranking. 700 million people are visiting every month. 

AliExpress is providing its services in multiple languages like English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish,  Polish, German, Portuguese, French and Russian. 

Earn with

Aliexpress the best place for Chinese manufacturers to sell their products worldwide. Aliexpress Affiliate Program is providing the highest commissions of up to 50% for some products. 

You can check the Best Sellers, Top Selling, and Amazing Product of AliExpress and many more on ReviewArabia.


Walmart is also an American retail multinational company that is running the world’s biggest hyper stores chain round the world. It was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. it is the world’s biggest company in revenue (500+ billion/year) and with the highest number of employees (2+ million)

Walmart acquired many brands and online shopping websites to compete with Amazon and others.

Ranking and Monthly Visitors is the 3rd biggest e-commerce website of the US and #15 worldwide. More than 300 million people visit this site every month. 

5- is an Indian based e-commerce website. It was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. It became one of the top e-commerce websites in India. Flipkart is competing with in India.

In 2018, Walmart acquired 77% shares of Flipkart for $16 billion. Now Flipkart is a Walmart company. 

Ranking and Monthly Visitors is at #17 in global e-commerce ranking while in India is #2 right after more than 200 million people visit every month. 

Earn with

Like every big e-commerce website, Flipkart is also providing partnership programs. Either you can become a seller or become an Affiliate to earn up to 10% commissions on sales.

Other Websites

There are many other websites that I skip due to some reason. Now the question arises, where are the other websites? So the answer is that there are some websites that are in Chinese or Japanese languages while the others are the regional websites of Amazon or eBay. That is why is skipped those. However, I mentioned the URL of some other websites which are in the Top 10 Ranking of the e-commerce industry. 

1. at #3 with more than 750 million visitors/month

2. at #7 with about 500 million visitors/month

3. at # 8 with about 450 million visitors/month

4. # 10 with more than 400 million visitors/month


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