Ramadan Etiquette For Muslim & Non-Muslims

Respect of all religion is very important for the peace and brotherhood. This is the basic right of every person living in any country of the world to perform his religious beliefs. The Holy month of Ramadan is about to start. Muslims around the world observe fasting in this month either they are living in Islamic countries or non- Islamic countries. Most of Islamic countries implement some restriction/etiquette for the month of Ramadan for the respect of it. However, Muslims living in other countries might face some issues and problems.

I have listed some Etiquette of Ramadan for Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Don’t Eat, Drink or Smoke in Public

No food Ramadan | infocorner.net
No food Ramadan | infocorner.net

In most of Muslim Countries Eating, drinking and smoking is prohibited publically during daytime in Ramadan. This rule is applicable to public places, transportation etc. you can penalized if found doing all mentioned above.

However, in other counties, non-Muslim resident pay respect to the Ramadan and Muslim observe fasting. Which is really admirable.

Dress Appropriately

Fasting is not the name of avoiding eating, drinking or smoking, but also a fasting person must himself from all sins that can be performed by eyes, hands, legs, ears, etc.

All Muslim and Non-Muslims residing or visiting Islamic country should not wear revealing clothing out of respect to those observing Ramadan.  Especially when you are visiting malls, markets, restaurants or public places during or even after the fasting hours. 

Avoid shorts, tight fitting, miniskirts and sleeveless clothes. Men should avoid wearing sleeveless tops and shorts, while women try to cover their shoulders and knees.

Be respectful and wear respectful.

Offices and Workplaces Etiquette

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Non-Muslims are permitted to eat and drink but not publically in Muslim Countries. They can do this behind closed doors or dedicated area just to avoid in front of fasting colleges

Meetings must be called early and definitely without lunch or drinks (Coffee, Tea or Water). However for non-Muslim lunch can be arranged in a separate room but avoid serving during or inside the meeting rooms. It will be a better idea to arrange meeting just before the Iftar time and arrange Iftar dinner for all participants.

Display of Affections

Display you affections with other gender is normally not an acceptable act in any Muslim Country. But during Ramadan you must be more careful even if you are not Muslim. So don’t engage in public displays of affection, like hugging, kissing or similar act.

Music and Dance in Public

If you are a music and dance lover, you should be more careful in Ramadan and try to avoid dancing or play loud music in public. You may use earphones to listen to music. 

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Tips for Travelers of Muslim Countries

travel in Ramadan | infocorner.net

Visitor or Business travelers should be aware of the shorter office/working hours during Ramadan when having business meetings with Muslims. Best to schedule meeting in the morning or before subset so you can enjoy Iftar Dinner with them.

Shopping Centers, Private and Government office hours change during Ramadan.

You will not allowed to eat in Cafes and restaurants. However you can avail takeaway during Fasting hours.

Dress code during Ramadan is more restrained. Legs, shoulders, and arms should be covered. In stricter quarters, even the wearing of jewelry is frowned upon, though this is not universal.

Alcohol outlets (if any) usually remain closed throughout the month. In Dubai, hotel bars open in the evenings (after Iftar) but with no live music.

Thanks for reading. Share with your family and friend. Give us feedback to improve. 

Ramadan Kareem!