What not to do in Ramadan – Avoid These Things

Ramadan has started and days are passing very fast. To avail the blessing of this month, we should not only do good deeds, more prayers, more charity, more recitation of Holy Qur’an but also avoid a few things which are forbidden in this Holy Month. Allah has gifted us this month and we must know what to do and what not to do in Ramadan.

Here I am trying to share some points that must be avoided by you and me. Also, it is our religious responsibility to also stop others including our families to do these things in Ramadan.

1. Ramadan Transmissions on TV

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Electronic Media is growing day by day. They are introducing many programs in accordance with the occasions. Now there is a growing trend of Ramdan Transmission in Pakistan and might also be in many other countries. The owners of these TV Channels are trying to get high TRP by doing strange and foolish thing.

There is no doubt that there are some segments are really good and informational for Muslims. But many others are based on gaming and foolish acts.

Allah is showering His Blessings on Muslims in Ramadan while these TV channels engaged the audience and participant of their programs for begging for mobile, bikes and minor items.

These people don’t know that if they spend this time in prayer to Allah, what they can get. Much more than that is mentioned above.

So please accept my request to stop yourself and your loved ones from wasting the priceless time of Ramadan in such activities.

2. Mobile Phones and Social Media

Usage of mobile phones is growing at horrible speed. As per international research, every single person is spending 4-6 hours daily on mobiles.

Now the question arises, what they are doing on mobile?

People are spending their time using social media, watching videos, chatting and etc. Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok and many other social media channels are very famous these days. People are too much addicted of these channels that they could not help themselves to stop from these during the Ramadan.

Everything has positive and negative uses. There is a big number of people who use Social Media in Ramadan and share very useful information. However, still I will request you to spend your time in praying and recitation of Holy Qur’an.

3. Overeating

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Fasting teaches us self-control and discipline. We should eat a balanced food at the time of Sahur and Iftar. It is seen that people eat a lot at the time of Sahur and Iftar. It might have a bad impact on our health and body. .

Fasting is to realize how poor people spend their lives. We should understand this thing.

There is also a very bad trend is seen that some people do fasting to lose weight and offer Taraweeh as exercise. Please my dear brothers and sister, don’t do this. Your attention must be to please Allah.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said,

on another occasion Prophet ﷺ said,

So please your intention must be for Allah. If you get other benefits, consider that as a bonus.

Cheating, Lying, Backbiting

Social media has made it easy to spread all kind of rumors and falsehoods. We should be very careful in sharing such news or facts without verification. Cheating, Lying and Backbiting are not allowed in Islam. And in Ramadan, we must be very careful about these things. Lying is consider the root of all sins.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said

4. Laziness and Oversleeping

In recent time it observed that some people are not working on the month of Ramadan. They do Sahur and spend the whole day sleeping. They don’t care about the Prayers which is compulsory 5 times a day.

If we will not work while fasting, how we came to know the life of a poor person. If they are not working because they want to spend their all-time in pleasing Allah by offering more prayers and reciting more verses of Qur’an, is great.

Please accept my request and don’t change your work schedule. Earn Hilal money and spend on your family and needy people. Pray Taraweeh after Iftar, and sleep for six to seven hours at night.

The five calls for prayer remind Muslims to get up early in the day and succeed in work, so get busy working even if you are fasting.

5. Don’t Forget the Poor

Zakat | Do This In This Ramadan | infocorner.net

One of the most important thing in Ramadan is to take care of the poor. Islam teaches us to help the needy and poor all year but this responsibility increase in the month of Ramadan so our poor brothers and sisters can spend this month happily.

Allah increases the reward good deeds 70 times in Ramadan as compared to other months and days. This is the biggest motivation for all the Muslim to do as much charity as they can.

Allah has given us a beautiful sequence for charity. First right to your charity is your family. If there is no one deserving in your family, then your relative are next whom you will give. Then your neighbors and after that the other people. it is the best sequence because it comes from Allah.

Advice: Please Identify the people around you, who are really poor and living a miserable life. help them because they never ask you or others about their needs but Allah. This is the best charity.

6. Getting angry, insulting others and Fighting

Fighting is overall not a good thing. Islam stops us to do this. But in the Ramadan, it should be followed strictly. As mentioned in the Hadith above, if someone abuses you or try to fight you, tell him three times that I am fasting.

Some people usually have temperament issues and they become hyper quickly. They should try to control themselves, especially in Ramadan. Because our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ ordered us to do this.

Let’s make a promise that in this Ramadan, we will not fight with anyone. We will not use abusing language and bad words for others. If someone will do these with us, we will tell them calmly that we are fasting.

7. Reading of the Qur’an without Understanding

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Ramadan is the month of the Quran. Allah revealed the Qur’an on the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, over a period of 23 years. Qur’an must be read by all of us daily but as the reward increases 70 times in Ramadan, we all must try to read as many verses of Holy Qur’an as possible.

Qur’an is revealed in the Arabic language. Allah blesses us 10 times on the reading of a single word of Qur’an. Reading Qur’an in Arabic is must but if we read the translation, we will be able to understand what Allah has ordered us to do and what not to do.

So try this year to read Qur’an with translation. Try to complete one chapter in one day of Ramadan so you can complete on Qur’an in Ramadan. Understand the message of Allah in Qur’an, tell your friends and family the message of Allah in Qur’an.

Closing Remarks:

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, as I said in the start that in this Holy month we should know what to do and what not to do in Ramadan. This is the key to Ramadan. There are many and many other things that we should also avoid.

Please comments us, if you want to add some other points. I will update your suggestion in the article. So Like and share with your friend and family. Also, follow us and subscribe us on Social media.  

Jazak Allah. May Allah ﷻ accept our fasting and good deeds of Ramadan. Ameen

Note: All the translation of the Verses of Holy Qur’an and Hadiths are taken from Islam360.

Ramadan Kareem

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